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Thanks Sue!

Maybe we could all wear red carnation...?!

Hi Rachel, and everyone,

I've had a very quick reply from the organiser which says he's thinking about how to help us meet (no name badges - which is no bad thing actually :) ) but he did say that the welcome coffee/tea is in two rooms so I asked if they have names - at least if we start off in the same room then we stand a chance of finding each other :)

red carnations could well be a way forward although it's likely to be hot next week with pollen high so my hay fever could kick in ...

Cheers, Sue
MS dx 1989, OMS Jan 2013
Hello everyone,
I didn't receive any information from the organisers that would help us meet,e.g. room names so we'll have to play it by ear tomorrow unless anyone has a bright idea?
Take care, Sue
MS dx 1989, OMS Jan 2013
Thanks for trying, Sue. Umm... I don't really have any ideas. I am currently walking with 2 crutches if that helps?!

Hi Rachel, that helps with identification - I hope they help you with being mobile in this heat! I have a stick I'm using in this hot weather - nothing fancy just black - it spent time in my handbag (large red) but now it's unfolded and in use regularly. I'm staying in Eastbourne this week so I expect (lift from my husband willing) to be at the Amex between 8:30 and 9 - I shall go in search of tea when I arrive so shall we try to meet there based on this information, when do you expect to arrive? Cheers, Sue
MS dx 1989, OMS Jan 2013
Hi Sue

My train gets into Falmer around 8am, so I should hope to be there by 8.30am! Apparently it's a 5 min walk, but I only got these crutches yesterday, so who knows! I'll keep my eyes peeled for a large red handbag!

Hello everyone,
I am living in Southampton and was at the event yesterday but as you will know if you were there, it was difficult to locate anyone specific.

I am 35 and was diagnosed in Nov 2012. I started following the OMS diet in Jan 2013, although I am still struggeling to fit the other aspects such as excercise and meditation into my daily life. I would love to meet other people to talk about it.
Initially this could just with a couple of people if this seems easier to organise. Please contact me.

all the best,
Hello everyone

I am very sorry that for some reason I didn't receive any notifications that others had posted in reply to me - I must sort out my settings, so I have only just seen all your posts.

I did attend the OMS day in Brighton without knowing about all of you, and did not meet anyone else from around Southampton. Lisa said another lady from Southampton was there and she tried to organise for us to meet but the other person disappeared at the end of the day.

I am very interested in meeting up around the Fareham/Southampton/Winchester areas. My email address is xxxxxxxxxxxxxx if anybody would like to get in touch with me directly. For your own protection use Private Messaging rather than post contact details on the forum. See this How To for more details. viewtopic.php?f=13&t=2388 Wendy:Moderator

I am extremely busy until September, so perhaps we could try and organise something for mid to end September and that would give us a bit of time to sort out a meeting point etc?

Best wishes, Caroline
Hi all

Nice to hear a few others made Brighton. A shame we didn't get to meet up! Sue and I managed to hook up and have been in touch since. Sue emailled me yesterday as she is hoping to organise a South-East meet-up. I'll drop her a reply now and make sure she checks this forum (I'm sure she will). It will be nice to meet a few more OMS-ers!

Hi Rachel, Caroline, Charlotte, Bente

Just spotted all your posting today and thought I would touch base.

I live in Tonbridge Kent, so guess it will not be so easy to meet up.

I was finally diagnosed in 1999 and soon started on Swank diet which seemed to work well but tackling a specialist diet alone was never going to be easy and after several speedy nasty episodes (one after the other) I felt I had to start on medication to stabalise myself, but now am very keen to continue following Prof Jelinek's programme and diet with added vigour so that I can quit the meds. eventually. Hopefully I can meet up with people of like mind and challenges.

I did get to Brighton Seminar in July and went alone (very nearly didn't, but very glad I did.!!!) It was so inspiring and life changing - and the food !!! All MS friendly !!! Since then I have been to a meeting in London.

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