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I would like to organise a get together in September in the South East area for anyone who is interested in coming along.

One option could be to have a 'bring and share' picnic where we each bring along a favourite OMS-friendly food suitable for sharing in the open air e.g. in the grounds of Winchester Cathedral which would be a nice backdop and hopefully there would be sunshine to provide VitD too! Toilets in the nearby visitor centre. If it rained we could use my house instead, about ten minutes by car from the cathedral and railway station, Winchester is easy to access by road or train.

The area covered by people who have posted to the South East England location is mostly in the mid-Hampshire region: Southampton/Winchester/Fareham but we also have people in South Croydon and East Grinstead and I'm sure there are others out there...

A meeting was suggested before but was overtaken by whether or not we were going to Brighton. Rachel and I met at the event, but it wasn't easy to find people in a few hundred attendees!

Would you be interested in joining such a get together? If so, are you normally available at the weekend, during the week - when is best for you?

It would be great to meet other people enjoying the OMS lifestyle, Sue
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Hi Sue,

That sounds great, I am definitely interested!

Any time on Saturdays or Sunday afternoons would be best for me, or I could do some days during the week in school hours.

A picnic would be lovely - will start thinking about what to bring! :)

Best wishes,

sc72 wrote: have a 'bring and share' picnic where we each bring along a favourite OMS-friendly food suitable for sharing in the open air e.g. in the grounds of Winchester Cathedral

Sounds idyllic. I hope that you all have a wonderful day.
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Hi Sue

I should be able to make September. Will try and fit in with whatever you decide.

Hello Sue

Thank you for sending me a link to your post, Weekends are generally good for me, evenings or afternoons. As things stand at the moment, from mid September onwards is better for me.

Thank you for organising this! It will be so nice to finally meet up with some people on the same journey.

Best wishes, Caroline
Hi Sue!
I shall away most of September, here 1st & last w/es only. Sorry I didn't manage to connect at Brighton-it was a good session, very positive and motivating. If I know when and where you are meeting I will try to get to Winchester.
Kind Regards, Judith aka Alba Nuova
Thank you for all your replies, we could have about 6 of us if we're all OK on the same date! I will work out which weekend days I'm available and then send out a request for your dates tomorrow morning using a web-based scheduling tool called 'doodle' which is great for arranging events - I've used it before for curries with people I used to work with (and they have even turned up on the right day!). I think it should work by using your OMS usernames to send the link.

Thanks again, Sue
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We hope to have a 'bring and share' OMS picnic in the grounds of Winchester Cathedral at a weekend in September. All welcome! You don't need to have indicated your interest previously in order to say when you're available ...

I have set up a doodle poll so that you can indicate your availability on weekends in September. I divided each day that I'm available into three slots in case you're busy for part of the day but could come for a couple of hours. Anyway, go to this link, you don't need to logon, no personal information is required, and it should take just a few minutes:


add your OMS username and tick the boxes that you would be available. As soon as, say, 4 of us have indicated, the best date/time will be set and others can decide later whether they're also available then. When we have the date/time I'll update doodle and this post.

Fingers crossed that some of us can get together! Sue
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Thank you for your e-mails.
A get together sounds great, however Winchester is a good hour and a half's drive for me, so it will have to be a weekend in order for me to attend.

Also, I am not sure what I am doing yet - I have a child going to University (hopefully), and not sure when I will need to get him there, but I think it will be sometime in September....

Sorry to be so vague, but if you would let me know nearer the time, I should be have a better idea of what I am doing, and if I am able to attend.

Thank you for arranging this, it sounds lovely.

All the best
New thread started to discuss the picnic: 'South East England OMS Picnic 29th September'
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