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Thank you for voting! Five of us are available on Sunday 29th September from 3pm onwards, so that's the date for a picnic in Winchester Cathedral grounds unless the weather is bad then we can use my house.

so far we have rachel77, char82, Alba Nuovo, caroline and sc72(me) but this event is open to anyone who can come, just bring a plate of OMS-friendly food to share.

On 29th September Winchester Farmers Market will be open from 9am to 2pm for those who wish to come in the morning and spend time here.

Nearer the time I'll give you more details of where to meet so that we can eat with a good view of the Cathedral, and my contact details for the day.

I'm looking forward to meeting people enjoying this OMS lfestyle, Sue
MS dx 1989, OMS Jan 2013
Excellent! Thank you for organising this Sue. Look forward to meeting everybody then!

Best wishes,

Hi Sue

Thanks for organising this. I think I am going to have to play it by ear. Have just looked at trains from me, and it will be a 2.5 hour journey with 3 changes on a Sunday! I would love to think I'll be up to doing this by September, or even be able to drive instead. Here's hoping!

Hello Rachel,

I know it's a long way but I didn't realise it was quite such a trek! As you say you could well be driving that far by then,which would be good because it would show how much improvement you've made. It would be good to see you, maybe we could meet halfway sometime or nearer to Croydon anyway. I'd be happy to get the train over if you'd like to meet on a weekday or Saturday. I don't drive too far at present but as I get more stamina I'm thinking of branching out closer to an hour's drive :)

Take care, Sue
MS dx 1989, OMS Jan 2013
Hi Sue

No - I hadn't realised it was that far either! I haven't been to Winchester for a few years and last time I drove. It would only take just over an hour on a Saturday/weekday on the train, so may be I could come to any future events if they fell during the week. Anyway - don't rule me out just yet!

Sue, Thank you for creating this event,yet another example of how technology is a great enabler when we use it well.
Alba Nuova aka Judith
What a lovely idea. How about have another on same day? Never know could be an annual events?

So anyone interested in a meeting in say West Malling which is near Maidstone in Kent. There is a country park, and an inside option ( I'd check first f course). Good for Kent, East Sussex, Essex Say an hours journey time max.

Get in touch.... :-D
Hello everyone,
just to confirm that I will also be attending on the Sunday in September.
looking forward - all my best wishes until then - Stephie.
Hi Stephie, and everyone,

It's great that you can come. I plan to put more details about where to meet etc in early September, also as I live here I thought I would provide soft drinks and some picnic paraphernalia to save people lugging stuff across the south east, especially for those travelling by train!

I look forward to meeting you, Sue
MS dx 1989, OMS Jan 2013
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