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Hi, I am newly diagnosed and was wondering if there was anyone following the Oms diet in Cornwall. I am also wondering if there may be a group nearer to me, the south west group sounds great but Exeter is a bit too far for me to go.
Hi there - not quite Cornwall, but I'm in Plymouth so about as close as you can get without actually being in Cornwall. Just about to start OMS (still trying to get my ahead around all of it and waiting for my book to arrive!). I hope all is going well with you. Mx
Hi Maisie, hopefully you won't have to wait too long for your book. It's very informative, I am not sticking to the diet very easily, but I am Enjoying yoga, Pilates and even meditation, which is a positive move to 'more me time.' Still trying to come to terms with my diagnosis. I am feeling very well at the moment, hope you are well. Yes Plymouth only an hour and half away! Dawn x
Hi Dawn
Penny (Exeter group) is also in Plymouth and always very happy sharing her knowledge. We were both at the Brighton conference and met George. Inspiring stuff!
Hi Dawn, I'm Sean and I'm near Launceston if that helps. I've been following the plan for 18months and so far so good, it's taken this long to get in to the swing of it. Last MRI showed an improvement I was diagnosed nearly 2 years ago but have almost definitely had ms for a long time.
I notice there's no ambassador for Cornwall so I'm debating whether to apply.....
Not Cornwall, but Barnstaple, North Devon. Not that far if you're in Bude, but a million miles if you're in Penzance.
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