Waitrose Extra Virgin Olive Oil Houmous
Ingredients: Cooked chickpeas, EVOO, water, tahini, concentrated lemon juice, salt garlic
Per 100g: kCal 383, Fat 35.2g, Sat Fat 5.2g, Carb 6.3g, sugars 0.9g, 6.5g, protein 7g, salt 0.83g
Link (May 2016): http://www.waitrose.com/shop/DisplayPro ... tId=420117

I use this when I'm too tired to make my own, but be aware that the other variations contain rapeseed or sunflower oil. M&S EVOO Houmous contains rapeseed oil, so you do have to check the labels!

Paul Hollywood part-baked rolls, crusty or seeded available in Waitrose, Tesco, maybe others
Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Water, Rye Flour, Yeast, Malted Wheat Flour, Wheat Gluten, Salt, Flour Treatment Agent (Ascorbic Acid)
Link (May 2016): http://www.waitrose.com/shop/HeaderSear ... tSearch=GR

Handy when you run out of your home-made bread as these are fat-free.