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Hi my name is manda. I just wondered if their is anybody who lives near the Snodland Kent area.
Hi Manda

I am about an hour away, in Croydon.

Hi Rachel. Nice to hear from someone near me. I have only just joined. So all new to this. I'm 50 years old & was diagnosed with rrms 4yrs ago. I have two grown up children & a wonderful husband who is also my carerer.im determined to live my life as best I can.
You're in the right place.

Get your vitamin D level checked as soon as you can, and then adopt the diet and lifestyle changes as soon as possible.

I have been following OMS for almost 4 years now and have had great results.

This forum is great if you need info or have any questions.


I live in Tunbridge Wells.

I was first "properly" diagnosed with ms in 2007. I discovered OMS in September last year and have been following it since.

Good to hear of others in the area.

Anna x

I'm in Ashford, been on the diet for just over 4 years since dx.

Stick with it, it gets much easier.

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