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I'm booked to receive Lemtrada next month which involves a five day stay in hospital.

What is everyone's experience of NHS hospital food and OMS? Did they comply with the diet or did you have to bring food?
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I stayed in the National Hospital for Neurology for a couple of nights. I hadn't fully begun OMS but the food wasn't great. I remember ordering a salad (sad looking lettuce, tomato and cucumber) and the registrar sarcastically commenting "hmm, that looks tasty..." I also had a veg chili of some description, but fairly sure it was out of a jar.

I would say take some stuff with you, and get someone to bring food/meals in for you if practical.

I don't have any experience of the NHS, but do have experience of hospital food, both on the ward and the canteen.
It tends to consist of porridge that is made of cream, very buttery dinners and teas of sandwiches with one inch thick butter or chips.
I think the rationale behind this is to offer comfort with food. The other reason (and I suspect the real reason) is this cuts down on waste as people in todays society are addicted to processed and high fat foods.
I agree with Rachel to try to get somebody to bring in food. If you try to bring some in to tide you over for a few days the heat will turn it rancid.

Good luck

Be kind to yourselves
On the menu list you might find one vegan option. Your first night will most likely be the choice a previous patient choose so go prepared in case it's sausage!
Hope it all goes well.
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