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Are there any Dutch OMS-ers out there? I've been on the Jelinek program since before it started :) . The Swank diet at first, combined with stress reduction and yoga and generally staying healthy since 1998. Over the past couple of years I've added vitamin D (5000IU) and short sessions on a sunbed in the dark winter months. Feeling good! No disability, Haven't seen my neurologist for over 10 years. No medication. I'm working, and have raised my 2 kids. I enjoy music (it's my meditation). My MS is still there, but not very often, and always very mild.

Hope to hear from anyone in Holland (or elsewhere)
Hi Marieke,

Yes, there are some; I am one of them. Amstelveen (near Amsterdam), disabled (wheeler in the house, wheelchair outside). 32 years m.s., but "just" 6 years or so disabled. Here - in Holland - "we" have started our own OMS-forum. When you cannot find that forum, ask me.

Hi Marieke

I already posted this but my reaction disappeared.
The site for the Dutch forum is http://oms.yourbb.nl/
Please visit us!

Best wishes


started Jelinek feb 1st last week
signed so i can read all the topics here
greetings from Holland,
For those on the Dutch forum: http://oms.yourbb.nl/
I want to let you know that they have closed the forum because they received large amounts of spam. The closing down happens automatically.
Joyce contacted the website to let them know that the closing down is a mistake.
If there is any news I will let you know!
thank for your update

My name is David, 43 years, diagnosed with MS since one year.
I live in Heemskerk, Noord-Holland. No disability but working 20 h a week because of limited energy after my 3rd relapse in November 12.
I'm on OMS diet since December 2012 and it feels good. I started using LDN as well which helped a great deal to get more energy and a better general sense of well-being. Looking forward to try the NL forum when it re-opens.
Hi David,

Sorry, forgot to inform that the Dutch Forum is available again!

Just go to
and make an account

Hope tot see you there!
Hello All Dutch OMS'ers!! :D

I am also from the Netherlands and I live in the top of the province of Drenthe, near the city of Groningen.
I am 60 years and I was diagnosed in May 2009 after I got sick in March 2009 (balance problems, seeing double).
I started with Jelineks programm somewhere between June and September 2011.

I am interested in how everyones' experiences are with neurologists, MS-nurses and General Practitioners when you start to talk about the OMS-program. How do they react, are they interested at all??

Perhaps I can find more people on the Dutch forum? Does it still work??

Hi Marjon,

Yes the Dutch forum is back in the air and I just accepted you as a member, so you can ask all your questions there!
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