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Hi, is anyone else here from SK? I've heard that we have the highest rates of MS in the world, is this true?
Acording to the information that I can find, Canada does have the highest incidence of MS.

When you look at distance from the equator etc, along with diet, probable low vit D, it's no great surprise.
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Yes! I live in Saskatchewan, north of Saskatoon... Are there others here benefiting from the OMS info? -- Tim
There were reports a few years ago that the Orkney Isles (off the north of Scotland) was credited with this title. Before that, it was Alberta, Nova Scotia.

This article is from 2012:

https://www.theguardian.com/society/201 ... rosis-rate

It certainly lends weight to the theory that lower Vit D levels are a factor in the occurrence of MS.

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