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Hello to everyone from Canada!!

Hi! :D
I'm from Europe, Serbia, but I'm planning a trip to Vancouver soon, I hope. I have a brother there. I'd like to share experience while I'm there. Also, I'd appreciate any reccomendation for OMS friendly restaurants perhaps.
Are there any OMS groups that meet in Canada? Got diagnosed on January 9th but the neurologist says that there is no "MS Diet". I think it would be good to touch bases with other MS folks who want to take control of this disease...
That would interest me too.
Hello Lana - Vancouver has a number of very good vegetarian restaurants in the downtown area. It's been years since I lived there but I remember two or three excellent ones within walking distance to Granville Island. There are also excellent Japanese restaurants that offer sushi and other OMS friendly options. Also might want to try out Vietnamese for a bowl of Pho (soup) - but you will have to make sure that they do not use BBQ pork.

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