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Hey, I got newly diagnosed and was wondering if there is anyone in Berlin following the OMS program.

Would be great to met someone


There is an OMSler on the forum registered as Zoe who lives in Berlin. Try contacting her!

All the best,
I live in Berlin. But I'm not an expert when in comes to the OMS program. I've been strict about the diet and suplements only in the past 2-3 months. So I'm kind of a beginner.
Mars is correct: I live in Berlin, too (Thank you, Mars, for making sure that Nora and I find each other!), and I am very happy to learn about other OMSers living in Berlin!
I have already sent you a private message, Nora, and I will send one to you, axon, too.
Best regards
Hi Nora, Axon, and Zoe,

Not sure if you are still based in Berlin, but I have been living here for a few years, and was thinking of setting up an English speaking meet up for PwMS. (Unless maybe you know of one that exists but couldn't find anything) Is this something you would be interested in or know of anyone who would be?

Let me know! :)
Hi Avak!

I was wondering if you ever ended up setting up an English speaking meet up for PwMS in Berlin? I´ve been living here for a little over a year (diagnosed 10 months ago) and don´t really speak German so it would be really nice to meet up and talk to someone about it in English :)

I am also in Berlin - same question as above: do you have a group in place? For me, English or German are fine.

There is an OMS circle in Berlin. Have a look at https://overcomingms.org/recovery-progr ... ms-circles
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