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I think this is a great idea for members to find one another and gain some additional support...

I've been on the program for 3+ years. I would be happy to meet with anyone in the area (Switzerland, Western Austria, Southern Germany) to offer support and share information I have learned along the way. By the way, I am a professional cook and have lots of tips, recipes and ideas to share about food and how to prepare tasty meals within the OMS guidelines...

Diagnosis: Jul 2009
OMS: Jan 2010
Hi Jack

a great idea to be able to find others trying to follow the OMS plan in the same are. Sadly I'm at the other end of the country to you but would love to share some recipes. I'm not a very confident cook plus my family are eating a different diet. i struggle also finding some foods and haven't found anywhere local that sells flaxseed oil other than the web. I've only been on the diet since March this year and it took a while to really get going. I started by eliminating dairy and then meat and then increasing oily fish. I think I'm now following it properly but that said things surprise me all the time when I read the list of ingredients in products.

Nice to chat

Hi Jack and Ruth

I am living near Zurich, in Winterthur.
My first relaps I got was in February 2011. I knew right away I have to change something even my Neurologe didn't find it necessary. Everything is it the diet, the lifestyle changing, the meditation, etc. he thought of it as a "humbug". I realised I have to look after myself and reading a lots of books and searching for helpful websites like this site. :) By the way I am not seeing this doctor anymore.

Ruth, was you said all the "bad" ingredients in food like milkpowder, fructose, etc. I cannot tell you how many hours I spent in the Migros or Coop (Groceries store) to read all the label. I don't want to describe you guys all my feeling or emotion I had, when I did realised when the Marketing or Health stores tells you was good is for you. E.g. Like milk is good for you bones, etc.

Changing the diet in Mai 2011, adding flaxseedoil and Vitamin D3 since then I didn't have one relapse. I am quite sportive, love life, etc. The Flaxssedoil you cand find it at the reformhaus or at the drogerie (drugstore).

To mention I am seeing a biological doctor in Paracelsus clinic in Lustmühle near St. Gallen. My doctor hardly talk about MS as they do first elimate all the toxic element in my body. If you are interested I would love to tell you more about the elimating the toxic, etc. as you can do by yourself at home. Maybe this Website from Germany could be interesting for German speaking as the philosophy is quite similar to OMS.

All the best

Hi Ruth and Andrea,

Thanks for checking into the Zürich location. Nice to know a couple more people on this forum...and so close to where I am.

I am certainly happy to help out in finding certain products like flax oil and whatever else you need. I am pretty up to speed on what is available in Switzerland and where to purchase what. As an example, I find it is really simple to purchase vitamin D here and it is not at all expensive. Visit your local Pharmacie and ask for Vitamine D3 Wild. It comes in 10ml liquid form and contains 200,000 IU. I take 14 drops daily right now, which equals roughly 10,000 IU. My levels are exactly where I want them and holding... Ruth, I also happy to help with cooking/recipes and I will make sure to get in touch via a private message.

I am planning to put together a meetup group from the beginning of February. I personally know about 10 others in Switzerland with MS and I think it would be great to get together on a semi-regular basis and function really as a support group and offering tips on everything with respect to lifestyle improvements...

Wishing you both the best and I will make sure to get in touch after the first of the year...

Diagnosis: Jul 2009
OMS: Jan 2010
Hi everybody,
I'm 25 and I live in zurich and am very interested to find new friends around.
please feel free to contact me.
unfortunately my german is not good. even I tried to join the MS community in switzerland but it was sadly hopeless!
Hi and welcome...

There are a good number of Swiss following the OMS program and I would very much enjoy meeting you and helping in any way I can. You can also check out the OMS Switzerland Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Overcomi ... page_admin

Additionally, I have started an OMS Switzerland meet-up group which is small now, but we think it will grow steadily. We will have another meeting in August: http://www.meetup.com/Overcoming-MS-Switzerland/

Of course, you can also send me a direct message if you would like to meet first...

Good luck on the OMS program and your journey to health!
Diagnosis: Jul 2009
OMS: Jan 2010
Hi Jack
Thanks for the info.
Since Im quite new in Switzerland, I'd like to know if there are supports from the government for MS people.
like any discounts in travel costs, insurance coverage over the medicine or any kind of support.
Thank you so much,
Hi all,
Newly DG with MS last week. My MRI showed 15 new lesions since last year among 5active followed by relaps. I am scared to death. I wouldnt like to take any drugs but neuro push all the time.
I live in Basel and would like that we share here what products do you buy here? Do you eat only organic? Do you take any additionalsupplements and which from Swiss market? Did you maybe heard that some of neurologist here supports OMS and joined OMs network...ok this would be a blue sky, but IAm curious to know. Mine is faaaat from lifestyle changes...only drugs drugs drugs.
Hi Katarina84,

Welcome to the forum and sorry to read about your frustrations with the Swiss system and especially the emphasis on drugs by the neurologists here. You have landed on a great website with tons of information to help guide you on your healing journey. Please feel free to get in touch with me (I live in Zürich) if you would like to meet and discuss OMS or Switzerland in detail...

All the best,
Diagnosis: Jul 2009
OMS: Jan 2010
Hi everyone
I'm happy to find some OMS'ler in Switzerland, even though the last post is quite some time ago. Hope you are still here :)
Currently I'm travelling around the world for a few months. But normally I live close to Zurich and would be very interested in meeting other OMS'ler. Are you still meeting from time to time?

Hope to hear from you
Wishing you a sunny day
Greetings (from Jyväskylä, Finland ;))
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