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Anyone out there living in central France?
I've lived here for over 30 years the last
13 of them with ms.
Only just found out about this so still all
new to me.
It'd be great if there was anyone nearby,
or relatively, France is a big place!
Here's hoping and wishing everyone well.
Hi Sugarbee

I live in Avalon (89) in Burgundy. I am English and moved here from London six years ago. I'm 51 and I was diagnosed in late 2013 which came totally out of the blue and has required an unlocked for and somewhat dramatic extension to my French vocabulary ...

I have followed OMS since diagnosis and have found it fairly straightforward to adopt here until the cheese board emerges of course. Having said that luckily for once my stubborn streak comes in useful ....

Anyway, as this forum often so beautifully shows, you are not alone no matter where in the world you live and face the challenge of living with an MS diagnosis and the things you can do to fight back.

If you want to talk more please do feel free to message me

Bonne santé et à bientôt

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