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Hi Annie,

I have ms since 99 and have been following OMS for the last few years. I notice a vast improvement. I live near Limerick city and went on the OMS 2015 retreat in Dublin. I live in Limerick if you ever want to meet.
Thanks so much Christine, I'll hold you to that! Would be great to get some sort of a group going.
That would be great Annie. I know a few local people who also have MS but none who follow the OMS lifestyle/diet. I met people who live in Dublin who follow OMS
Hi from Galway Siobhane and all the irish people in OMS. I'm a catalan living here for 25 years. Only starting my journey with OMS and do not have a full diagnose yet thou.my mrss showed lesions. Lumbar puncture tomorrow. Scared. Nice to be here though. Would be nice to meet...even if it was in an accessible location. Dont know how is that for everyone. Im very new here. Many regards and keep strong. Implementing diet and everything possible. Stay in touch.
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