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I recently relocated to Singapore from London and before that Paris. Happy to connect with people in Singapore.
I no longer live in SG 2014+

I also recently relocated to Singapore (in February) and I am now struggling to find a doctor who is able to get the medication I am used to (Avonex interferon beta-1a).

May I ask whether you have established any contacts or made experiences already?

Many thanks for your help in advance


I have been diagnosed with MS and have been using Copaxone and Vit D for 4 years. I recommend seeing a Nuerologist at the National Nuerological Institute.

Neuroscience Clinics
National Neuroscience Institute
11 Jalan Tan Tock Seng
Singapore 308433
Telephone Number :
(65) 6357 7095 (Appointment Line)
(65) 6357 7088 (Enquiry Line)
(65) 6357 7103 (Fax Number

At present I am buying the Copaxone in Australia, but am looking to buy locally in Singapore (need to buy 6 months and 3 times more expensive)


I am currently in KL / Singapore and am here longer than I expected and have run out of Copaxone. I was wondering if it is possible to buy it here?
I did get told that it is ok to give your body a break from the drug for 1-2 weeks if you have been on it for some time, 3 yrs in my case.
Any advice would be appreciated,

Is anyone still living in Singapore? I might need to relocate there due to my husband's job. I would like to know if the standard insurance package provided to cover expat workers and their dependents also covers pre-existing conditions. Has any of you had the same question?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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