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I belong to an amazing group of friends, we have a singing group on Tuesdays, a sat sang/meditation group on friday mornings, and a yoga/meditation group on monday afternoons. We all love exploring the big questions and being there for each other. Connecting with friends is vital, knowing you always have a friend to be with. Feeling healthy and normal and that there are answers, finding solutions yourself. Believing is key. That's why OMS is an amazing resource, not taking the word "debilitating" into your system, but hope and joy and love.
For me, I stay away from neurologists. I have found a holistic health care doctor who resonates with my soul.
Nice post, Carol. So very important to live with joy.


OMG December 2011 OMS January 2012 OMS Retreat March 2012 Benign MS Sep 2015
Two Very Mild Relapses since diagnosis. Copaxone May 2013 No new lesions on MRI since diagnosis
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