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Joke wrote: Hello,

I'm looking for people who do the program in Belgium.. I started the OMS program 3 months ago, so I can still use some help sometimes :)

And I'm also very curious to find out if you have a doctor/neurologist who guides you in the process.. I have already visited 4 neurologists and not a single one takes it serious. All they want to talk about is medication, medication and medication...
I find that very exhausing (but I'm not giving up, I will find one :))

Hope to see or talk to you,

Yes MS can be looked at outside medication. I am a Doctor with MS. Contact me if you are interested.

May I ask, where are you based? I would love to find a doctor who believes in the OMS!
I am a doctor have MS and shall be part based in Brussels from Sept 19.
I would be interested in contacting others with MS.
D Oleary
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