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Hi, I'm just diagnosed and wondering if there are any meet-ups or other members in Brussels.
I have been diagnosed in 2012 in Brussels uni hospital.
Were you able to hook up with some MS crowd in Brussels?
Hi Kate,
Great to hear from you. No, I haven't met any OMSers in Brussels yet. It may just be you and me (and I'm not fully OMS yet)! Do you know any others? It'd be great to meet up if so, if only to discuss how one lives that lifestyle in the land of frites, waffles and chocolate!
With best wishes,
Great to hear from you, I hope you are doing fine. I have not meet any OMSers in Brussels either. I dont think there are any followers here. How about meeting, would be nice to have a chat, i am not fully OMS but I will get there.
take care
Hi Kate,
Sorry for only answering now. I'd love to meet up! And I've found another (almost) OMSer in Brussels as well. I don't know how to send you a private message with my contact details (technology, eh?), but will we meet in September?
Hope you have a lovely summer break!
With best wishes,
I will send you private msg,
Take care,
Hope too meet up in Sept
Hello there,

Arriving almost a year later but who knows!

Quite hard to find OMSers in Belgium! I'm actually from Liège and was diagnosed a ear ago and started to transform my diet and way of life a few months ago.

Would be nice to share about OMS ;)

Hope you're doing great,


Check out your private box i have sent you contact details,
take good care

I'm looking for people who do the program in Belgium.. I started the OMS program 3 months ago, so I can still use some help sometimes :)

And I'm also very curious to find out if you have a doctor/neurologist who guides you in the process.. I have already visited 4 neurologists and not a single one takes it serious. All they want to talk about is medication, medication and medication...
I find that very exhausing (but I'm not giving up, I will find one :))

Hope to see or talk to you,
Brussels here as well.

Take care and be strong.
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