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Hi all,

I'm newly diagnosed with a job I was supposed to be starting in another month's time in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. Luckily the job is held for me and my boss is supportive in allowing me time to recover.

Is there anybody out there with MS who lives in Port Moresby?

If not - anybody out there who knows about living with MS in a developing country? (Especially with any practical tips such as how medivac or travel insurance works with a pre-existing condition!)

Transverse Myelitis 2008; MS diagnosis July 2014 (relapsing-remitting); OMS July 2014.
I don't know about living with MS in a developing country but I do know about travel insurance. I used to sell travel insurance as part of my job. Firstly you must declare your ms as a pre-existing condition. Then the insurance company will ask you when was the last time you had a relapse and this usually determines the cost of the premium. Some insurance companies won't insure you if you have had one recently but others will. Your premium will always be higher than a person who doesn't have a chronic disease. I have taken policies out with CHI and Covemore. Both of these companies will cover travel insurance.

I hope this helps.

Take care and good luck in PNG
Sorry I meant cover ms
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Thanks for the tips.

I spoke to TID who put me through to an offspring company, SureSave. They have a policy called TravelClear, which is specifically for pre-existing medical conditions. I answered some questions over the phone and the result was that I wasn't approved right now, but I could try again in the future. (The questions I answered are below, if anyone is interested!)

It seems I might just have to get a standard policy for now that doesn't cover my MS, and if I relapse I'll just either deal with it over there, or take some leave and get on a plane and come home if I need medical attention such as corticosteroids.

I'm interested to find out how well the Techfidera works in combination with the OMS program!



Insurance questions and answers:

Are you currently undergoing or awaiting diagnostic† tests, test results or non-routine† hospital

consultations? Yes

Are you awaiting or receiving treatment as a hospital patient? No

Have you been treated as an inpatient† within the last 3 months Yes

How many times have you been admitted to hospital as an inpatient† within the last 2 years? 1

Have you had to attend the hospital as an outpatient† within the last 12 months? No
Transverse Myelitis 2008; MS diagnosis July 2014 (relapsing-remitting); OMS July 2014.
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