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I'm looking for other OMSers from Finland or the neighboring countries, anyone? I live in Helsinki (Finland) and it would be great to network with someone faced with a similar situation - in Finland or Sweden/Estonia/Norway/Russia... I am rather new with OMS, started with the program almost exactly one year ago having my first severe exacerbation (and luckily finding this information at that stage), now after a mild exarcerbation starting DMT (teriflunomide). Would be nice to have some local or nearby contacts with fellow OMSers!

Hi Lunanette,

I am originally from the US, but now have lived in Finland for 8 years...also near Helsinki. I experienced my first symptoms 6.5 years ago as left side numbness and double vision. I had a second minor relapse about 2.5 months ago when part of my right leg went numb. This led to another MRI and an MS diagnosis. I started the diet about 2 months ago, so I am very new to it. They want to start me on Tecfidera or Copaxone and it is a decision I am currently weighing. My MS so far since CIS has been virtually non-existent, so I want to manage my MS with the lifestyle change, but it also feels scary declining the medications.

Anyways, I guess there are a few of us up here. :-)
Hi blueweb!

Nice to hear from you! I think I know the kind of thoughts you are goung through thinking about the medication and the alternatives. I have decided to yet improve my compliance with the OMS program, e.g. more systematic daily meditation and imaginery. My work is very stressful. I am of course starting the recommended teriflunomide, but hope I can get my situation balanced in a few years so I could eventually stop medication, but staying in good condition is the most important priority.

I found the OMS through the internet and reading Georges book. I have since been surprised very little of this information has been available through the policlinics or the patient organisations. Happy that I found this information early on, but feel that so many others are being left outside.

Well, my neurologist in Hyvinkaa did mention that they have a recommended diet for MS. I read about it in one of their pamphlets. It looked very similar to the Swank diet. So that was a start at least. However there was only 1 page of information dedicated to it, so it felt like the importance was minimized in that way.

In any case, the dietary and supplemental changes are the main things that give me hope of staying well long term. We have 2 small children, so getting time for all aspects of the program is challenging at the moment too. But it is nice to chat with others nearby in a similar position. :-)
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