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Hello, I'm a NZer living overseas, early 30s. I follow the OMS programme very closely (since diagnosis 3 years ago). I'd like to connect with a dedicated OMS pal to Skype with from time to time (anywhere in the world!!).

Some members of my support group, have come off the programme since I met them, and whilst I recognise that it's the right decision and choice for them, I find it somewhat difficult to relate and share stories (particularly when I am so healthy), and realise my pool of dedicated OMS friends has decreased. They are still my OMS buddies! and I support them in their path. However, I would like to find some dedicated OMS pals.

I'm very careful about who knows my diagnosis, until I've reached some personal goals, and with living in a new part of the world, my partner and I have only a few friends here. So sometimes it gets a bit lonely. I would like to be in contact with someone who is following the programme with absolute full commitment, if that's ok?

I've had a few MS niggles recently which made me realise I don't really have anyone to talk about it with. I know the recovery time will take a few years, so I keep at it. Get in touch with me if you'd like a new friend! we don't have to talk MS, but just to know that you're going through it and get excited about food and meditation...! ;)

Stronger today than I was yesterday, never as strong as I will be tomorrow. :D
Yes happy to be an email buddy! Do you want to message me your email?
Maybe we could do a once a month Skype catch up? Anyone else keen?
Sedona Arabelle wrote: Maybe we could do a once a month Skype catch up? Anyone else keen?

I'd be up for this. Be good to talk
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Thanks guys! That would be so great. Thanks! I'll PM you both. :)

Anyone else who wants to join in from around the world, let us know. Yeah!

I am a Kiwi living in Austria and been OMSing for the last 2 years pretty much from the word go. I don't know of any others following the programme in Austria...that's why I was checking 'Location' posts this arvo.

Completely understand the isolation living in a new country can involve at times - been away from NZ for quite a long time with my fair share of moves.

Anyway, I'm around and a good listener/email replier:)

Cheers, Karin
Hi Karin, Thanks for your reply. That's great! I will drop you a message to share info including about our skype catchups. It's so nice to know others who are constantly moving and the challenges with that!

Anyone reading this forum:

>> OMS Recipe FB page -- Sedona Arabelle and I have started a FB recipe page for anyone who is really private about OMS, but want to share recipes! A chance to share healthy living ideas, but no mention of MS on the FB page please. It's private but we still don't want it to be about OMS -- just celebrating our healthy living lifestyle! PM me or Sedona Arabelle if you're keen!

>> OMS skype "club"! Sedona Arabelle, Diggity and I have started a skype (must be due for another soon!?) and we are scattered around the world. Just message us if you want to join in! Great positive catch ups sharing lots of ideas for managing our awesome lifestyle!
Hi all, I would love some OMS pals! I am from the us and have been having a hard time following the plan but just need some extra motivation! I sometimes feel people don't get the MS or OMS and need some people to just chat with about life, like you said doesn't have to be about ms!

My email is chrissylav35@gmail.com

Mom of a 6 yr old and wife to a great husband and of course my dog Bella is quite my other love!
Christina, Chicago IL :D
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