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I've been considering placing an order for CBD Oil. I hear that it helps with FA symptoms. From anyone familiar with it, can you give me a brief walkthrough?

How has it helped?

How many drops do you use?

How many times a day do you use it and when?

Any thoughts?
It helps me with restless legs in the evenings and I take it when needed.

As for dose, this is different for each individual. I'm lucky that there is a good local shop that let me try different strengths before purchase, but if this is not possible, I would buy very small amounts at first until you have worked out your ideal dose.
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Thanks for your reply Geoff Allix, Sounds good to hear that it really helps you. I haven't used CBD oil but personally looked out that why not give this sample a try https://www.getjupiter.com/ Since I did not try it yet. So am I just asking if it safe for me?

Any reply will highly appreciate. Thanks in advance.
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