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I don't meditate enough. When I do, it's in a mixture of ways.
Sometimes it's about being outside and appreciating the green space around me (either on a walk - for pleasure or on an errand - or when looking after my garden). I intend to try to focus more on mindfulness while doing this, try to build it into more everyday activities, even when not outside.
Sometimes it's when practising pilates and focussing on my own physical body.
Sometimes it's meditating alone. Sometimes, I find it useful to visualise my healing process from MS. I'm interested in what visualisations other people use, as well as the one George introduces in his book.

I meditate with my eyes closed. I have found this visualisation useful:

I breathe in through my nose, imagining sparkling golden light flooding into me with the breath.
I breathe out through my mouth, imagining anything bad and harmful in my body leaving it in a cloud of dirty black smog.
As I continue breathing like this, I imagine the golden light concentrating into an orb near the centre of my chest.
(This introduction all thanks to my old TaeKwonDo instructor Mr Iqbal).

As I continue the same breathing pattern I imagine the golden orb moving up to my head, then dissolving, flooding my brain with golden light, which progresses throughout my brain and down my spinal cord and peripheral nerves. I focus in on my brain. I can see the nerve pathways, like a tangled-up heap of spaghetti. I focus closer. The 'spaghetti' is hardened in some places, and in some of these the outer surface is cracked so that the inside is exposed. I imagine the golden light infusing into the 'spaghetti', and as it moves into these brittle, hardened patches the surface gradually becomes fluid and pliable once more, and can begin to meld together over where the cracks are. This happens in several places, one by one, until eventually all of the 'spaghetti' is golden and soft, without any brittle patches, all of it moving, flowing, glowing and slippery, both within my brain and extending down my spine.

Hope that's useful to someone and not just dull rambling ;-) It'd be great if others could share their ways of visualising the healing process!
Hi Catriona, I think there is power in visualization, more than we perhaps know or understand. I often imagine myself being 'washed' in a pure white light. I was imagining this before I had even heard about this technique, it was almost as if my 'spirit' knew this was healing my body :D
Hi Catriona,

What beautiful imagery - I'm going to give this a go tonight.

Thank you for sharing,
The healing light meditaion is a common one that is used for healing meditation. It's good and I use it from time to time; for some reason I find it more difficult to sustain than just simple breath watching.

I love the breath watching and the peacefullness of not really thinking about anything for half an hour.#

Recently. I have been getting into the work of John Kabat-Zinn and been doing his guided meditations. It's all about mindfulness and I think it's a quality worth striving to achieve.

Thank you for sharing this, I'm definitely going to give it a go. I too do the mindfulness meditation most days but I have wanted to start visualisations as well.

Just glad if it's helpful for anyone - and I'd be delighted to hear about any visualisations other people come up with :)
Thanks for sharing this Catriona...very nice imagery indeed. I think it is interesting others are having a connection with light. I also have this vision during my meditation - for me it is also a golden light which flows through my body. I do see (even feel) the light moving up my spine and dissolving away any blockage. I have not had an MRI since my dx 18-months ago, but I have a strong feeling the one lesion in my upper spinal chord is now gone (I'm very happy with this feeling). I have tried to have the light go into my head, but for some reason this has not worked for me...maybe that will come with the time.

I do believe in the power of visualization...another strong technique to use in controlling MS...

-- Jack
Diagnosis: Jul 2009
OMS: Jan 2010
Ooh, love the idea of bringing in imagining the feel of the light along my spine - that feels powerful

this sounds interesting. Can I get some hints from the web for this type of meditation?

Kind regards

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