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Can swimming constitute meditation? After all, there is such a thing as walking meditation, meaning meditation and movement are not mutually exclusive.

Went to the pool yesterday and swam 1000 m, and I have to say my mind goes completely, utterly blank when I do this - I really turn into a machine, head under water (mostly...), just breathing, moving, breathing, moving for 30 minutes.

Upon leaving the pool, I was almost ecstatic and felt 100 % great. Does that count as meditation, canonically? Would be great, because it would mean that you can catch two birds with one stone, exercise and meditation...


Any opinions out there?

Be well,

I think so!

But If you haven't, I would find out about what being mindfull is so that you're sure that you're being mindfull while you swim. But I think it definitely can be. I've done it on the elliptical machine, with a mediation tape and closing my eyes. It depends on whether you're being mindfull.

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i think swimming can definately be regarded as a form of meditation, it can be so good at bringing us into the present moment and being aware of the senses.
i find that if i do not concentrate so much on the distance i expect to travel and just swim without counting i generally know when i have done enough and i am content.

i also use swimming as a good visualisation tool, by picturing the line down the centre of the lane as the pathways of my nerves and i am travelling through them, the water gives resistance but gradually i get better at travelling through it.
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