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I have seldom had dreams when sleeping for as long as I can remember. However this changed a few months ago when I had some dream related to a visualisation technique and I began having dreams quite often. I suspect meditation helped me come in contact with things inside like emotions and feelings which I was shutting down). Anybody else had similar experiences?
No, but meditation and the changes that happen to a person when they face their own mortality make significant changes. I see the world and people much differently that before. On the outside, my life appears unchanged, but everything is different inside now. I don't doubt that something hidden has awoken. Perhaps you had stifled you dreams previously?

I was reading Dr. Ornish' book (he's one of the Professor's sources). He pioneered the diet/mediation/spirit/exercise treatment in heart disease. He mentions an interesting philosophical question regarding autoimmune diseases. he notes that in the body, there seems to be a blur between self and not self and speculated whether the lack of clarity in our philosophical lives can create the same in our biological lives.

Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
I am definitely a different person to the one that I was before I started meditating. Same, but different if you know what I mean.

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