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How do you feel if someone or something interrupts you while meditating?
I have toddler boys so I'm constantly being interrupted :lol: Sometimes I'm ok with that and seem to be able to pause to deal with them and then slip back into the meditation, other times my reaction is not exactly zen!

I tend to stick with breathing focus meditations if I'm at risk of being interrupted and try to respond to outside interruptions the same way that I aim to respond to 'internal' interruptions (distracted or 'hooked' by my minds rambling and mutterings), just take note, limit my interactions with it and return my focus to the activity.

Good advice from Shelly there I think.

I really dislike being interrupted while meditating, so I make sure I find time to meditate when there are no kids around. Not perfect, becuase sometimes that means it is getting a bit late (when they are all in bed) but still for me that is the best way. In the summer I get up early and meditate before they are awake! That is a beautiful way to start the day. I also try to find short times to meditate during the day when the kids are at school if that is possible, though due to work and other committments it often isn't.
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