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I've just been for an MRI scan today, what a perfect opportunity it is for mindfulness meditation. Lots of sights and sounds going on, lots of opportunity to be in the present moment. I managed to turn what is normally a claustrophobic, uncomfortable experience into a quite pleasant one that was over in no time. I can heartily recommend it to anyone who has got a scan coming up.

I find that MRI hammering sends me to sleep. But meditation has that effect too. Hopeless.
Do it in the morning, as soon as you wake up! I fall to sleep occasionally, I just see that as an unexpected bonus.

good for you. That's hilarious but a great ideal.


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That's a great tip Gareth.

My first MRI was terrifying ,despite having a mirror set up to see the staff and listening to music. I was one of the first patients through the new MRI facility in the Waikato so I could see what seemed an army of staff peering into the screen at my images (training apparently)! The noise was appalling.

I didn't know what was wrong with me at that time, and I ended up being in the tube for 90 minutes. I'm not claustrophobic but was a hyperventilating mess when I finally got out.

Knowing how to meditate will make a huge difference next time I am in the beast!


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Wow... that is wonderful.

I panic in MRIs and wish I was good enough at meditation to make it a peaceful experience. The last none I got, I panicked, but the panic button was broken, so I had a full blown anxiety attack in the tube. Not sure I am going back ever. I hate MRIs.
Gosh, that's a nice idea... My next one is in October and I'll sure try really hard, but being in the moment is tough for me during MRIs - it's the moment that scares me :) I started my last one (also my first one of my head and for that length of time) trying to imagine that it was a song with a drum track, but that didn't last too long. Mind you at that point, I had just had a doctor tell me I may have a "brain tumor" and was feeling awful, so it was almost impossible to zone out with that in mind. No one mentioned if I could listen to music or anything like that. If I could, I'd bring in my Deepak Chopra meditation. I'm really enjoying that in my daily sessions. Great idea though!
I just wanted to update this to say I had my repeat MRI last week and was actually able to zone out somewhat in the tube! Music wasn't an option, so my comfort was all up to me and I know my newfound love of meditation helped me move my mind elsewhere (or nowhere) at least during the longest scans. Overall, my experience was a lot less frightening than the first one and I was really surprised and pleased at how much more calm I was.

So thank-you, Gareth for this post and making me think about it - it worked - and it's also reinforced (although I didn't need any convincing) how important meditation is to me in my new life.

Hope you're all feeling well today.

Good on you Heather for mastering the beast. I was just blown away by the technology, and the fact that this machine can peer inside the body without imposing any radiation damage. It was warm and comfortable, and I had to lie very still, and although I have hyperacusis, the noise was completely contextualised, and I really wanted to know the results. So, I fell asleep too, every time...
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