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This is an article based on an excerpt from Thich Nhat Hank's book Anger. I find it very inspirational.
Oh dear, we are all so different. When I see stuff such as this, I head for the woods. I have no patience whatsoever for this type of thing.

When I feel angry, I use the energy to try to make changes in whatever is the source of my anger or to get the heck away from the source of my anger.
Rebeca, I am glad you have the right solution for you. However, when the thing causing anger is yourself, getting away from it does seem a little bit extreme. I personally have always been in a constant conflict with myself, always criticizing me, and this simple article somehow opened my eyes. Not rocket science, I know, but I thought it could benefit others too.
Hi cats, this is a useful link and it goes along with the Happiness Trap book recommended in a previous post.

thanks for sharing. I am finding this new way of looking at things a refreshing change from my old habits.
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