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I may need to redo yesterday's then as I struggled with it, I kept thinking of my car in the garage.
Loved day2!!! "You don't own anything, not your body not your mind"..."you are the silent spectator" WOW, such an impression on me - cant stop thinking about this statement... think I will write it and stick it on my wall so I see it every morning when i wake

.."what do you think you own!" I couldnt think of much, I had to walk around my house in my head and list stupid things.. like clothes, and bed etc... then onto people....

Really enjoying this new perspective!
Thanks so much for posting this link. I joined and have to say I am really enjoying it so far.

Peace to all.

Developed 5 May 2011, Diagnosed 4 Aug 2011, OMS 15 Sept 2011, Gluten-Free 22 February 2012, Recovery declaration 2 September 2014, recanting of recovery declaration due to relapse 14 October 2019.
Shelly - thank you!!!!
What a fabulous link to post, I think you may have kick started my meditation - I am very grateful
First symptom (of many): May 2009
Started OMS: October 2011
'Inconclusive' diagnosis: January 2012
Decided no diagnosis required: February 2012
I did not get on with today's or yesterday's but I will continue. :)
I just signed up. For anyone interested, this gives you free meditations to do so.

I want to be the first to congratulate you on giving yourself the experience of meditation, and for your decision to join us for the Chopra Center 21-Day Meditation Challengeâ„¢.

I have been meditating every day for more than 40 years now, and I consider it the single-most beneficial practice we can do. We know meditation has the power to catalyze both personal and global healing. It has completely transformed my own life, and I have seen how it has transformed the lives of so many others. This is why meditation is a core practice of the Chopra Center and one we teach at every program, workshop and retreat. And this is why we developed the 21-Day Meditation Challenge - to help as many as people as possible benefit as well.

The Free to Love 21-Day Meditation Challenge will feature all new guided meditations led by me and other gifted teachers from the Chopra Center family. We'll explore the subject of love -- as we discover freedom from the past, experience profound healing, and begin to live from a state of unbounded love for life, ourselves, and the world.

The challenge begins on Monday, July 16, 2012. You will receive an email from the Chopra Center with access instructions on Day One. In the meantime, I encourage you to add meditationchallenge@chopra.com to your contact list to ensure our emails reach your inbox safely.

I also encourage you to invite your friends and loved ones to join you for this life-changing experience. You will be sharing what I consider to be an invaluable gift - the gift of meditation - which will infinitely enrich the lives of those you love and enhance your relationships with them.

Thank you for being part of the challenge as we transform ourselves, and the planet. I am delighted to have you with me. As my welcome gift to you, I've included a free download of one of my guided meditations from the last Chopra Center 21-Day Meditation Challengeâ„¢, the Mind-Body Odyssey.


I look forward to this challenge with great anticipation, knowing that together we are sharing an experience of expanded consciousness that is increasing peace, harmony, laughter, and love throughout the world.

With love,


Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
I did the last 21-day meditation challenge and this was my springboard into meditation. I now meditate for half an hour every day and find that I really NEED it.

Highly recommend this to anyone who hasn't yet started to meditate ... it's a great way to get going.


OMG December 2011 OMS January 2012 OMS Retreat March 2012 Benign MS Sep 2015
Two Very Mild Relapses since diagnosis. Copaxone May 2013 No new lesions on MRI since diagnosis
thanks i signed up. I am also enjoying the headspace meditations a lot.
Thanks for posting this... it's just what I needed...
Thanks, Shelley ... I've just signed up, and enjoyed the first one....

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