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hi all,

think am slowly getting better at meditating. am trying to do it twice a day for 15 mins.
the last few times i've done it though, I've felt really so relaxed, even slightly groggy almost, that when have finished I've lay down where i am and gone to sleep for half an hour.
is this right?
i sit in the half lotus position to make sure i don't nod off during.

Sounds as if you are doing fine. One thing I picked up from the Chopra Centre 21 day challenge recently that we are aiming to achieve that feeling when you breath in and there is a slight pause before you breath out. It feels like a little suspension if you know what I mean.

Also, I have a CD of guided meditation from Graig Hassed one of the facilitators on the retreat I went on. He talks about meditation/mindfulness as punctuating your day; commas and full stops. So your 15 minute sessions are full stops, and a comma would be a little pause between finishing one task and beginning another. For example when I get in the car, I stop for a few deep mindful breaths before putting my seat belt on and starting the engine. I'm finding it really good for concentration when driving!

Another thing I do is chew my food longer, and really taste it. Another Chopra mindfulness exercise is to chew a raisin for 10 minutes ;-) amazing how much flavour and texture in a raisin!


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