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Hi dear fellow omsarians,

I found this lovelyv video (on the wonderful homepage of Cathy Aten 'Healing through multiple sclerosis': http://www.cathyaten.com/wordpress/) and thought I'd share

http://www.elephantjournal.com/2012/04/ ... s-instead/

Have a wonderful day

Ruth (from Germany)

Age: 50 - Diagnosis: 1986 - OMS-Program since 2010 (still walking and working ;) )
Thanks for posting this - it is a gorgeous video, but also really worth reading Cathy's poetry blog entries. Remarkable!

OMG April 2010 OMS June 2010
Oh, this is just so good .... love in motion


OMG December 2011 OMS January 2012 OMS Retreat March 2012 Benign MS Sep 2015
Two Very Mild Relapses since diagnosis. Copaxone May 2013 No new lesions on MRI since diagnosis
Oooooh, thank you. I am sure my beautiful daughter is my meditation. After seeing this and reading the latest study on having children and MS progression I think I am ready for the next one ;)

Thank you again. Just beautiful.
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