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I've just gotten serious about meditating, and have signed up to Headspace, downloaded the iPhone app, and have started the Take 10 in 10 Days program. But for the third day in a row - I've fallen asleep during the 10 minutes!

The first day, it was right at the end of the day, and I was in bed, so I wasn't too surprised. The second day, I sat in a beanbag, it was earlier in the evening, but once again I fell asleep. Today, I did it in the morning, in my car in the garage (the only place where I wouldn't be disturbed) - and - same thing! It is always during the part where you count your breaths in and out, and the recording goes silent for a minute or so, and then I'm jolted awake when his voice comes back on.

Any ideas on how to overcome this?

Thanks :)
This may sound silly, but some meditation teachers tell students to make themselves less comfortable - even to the point of sitting on something uncomfortable! Obviously only do that if falling asleep is a problem. And don't lean back, sit upright. I find sitting cross-legged on the floor is pretty uncomfortable! You are trying to be present, aware of your body, rather than totally relaxed. Then, when you have survived the ten minutes, reward yourself with a sleep!

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A buddhist monk once told me that the best way to meditate was to sit cross-legged, body weight leaned slightly forward, with a straight back, hands held in your lap with the index finger of your right hand touching the thumb of your left hand - because sitting this way if you fall asleep you will lean forward and your finger will push against your thumb and wake you up :lol:
I sit in a chair and never let my head touch the back. I am pretty comfortable that way. If you keep falling asleep there is a larger issue here; you need more sleep. Can you make sleep more of a priority?
Sounds like either you need to find a guided meditation with more continuous commentary or (for a totally different approach) try an unguided meditation, where you might stay a little more alert as you may need to think more about the process of relaxing your body and mind (rather than "switching off" and just following directions).
I purchased a meditation pillow that works great. It keeps me upright, but isn't so uncomfortable regarding the sitting position. Other times I meditate lying down, and yes, sleeping can be a side effect of that!

Ian Gawler's latest blog, he writes,

Meditation: Studies show meditation can reduce stress, help put you in control of your thoughts, help you find a purpose in life, and bring peace of mind. And if it doesn't work for you, at least you'll have yourself a nice nap.
This is a constant problem for me as well. No matter how much sleep I get, or what position I meditate in, I always become drowsy and drift into a light sleep.
I suffer from this as well, even if I had long sleep. I don't know I'm doing exercise every day and eat healthy food. Do I need to worry about it?
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