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Just bought a yoga tape--trying to find a yoga class in rural USA isn't so easy you know. Anyway, I figured, let's try to do some of this meditation and exercise at the same time--multitasking wellness--do you suppose the body cells will know that my type A personality is trying to cheat? 8-)
I do yoga a lot and I LOVE it. It's ok to try to cheat - yoga is a moving meditation. Nothing quite frees the mind when you're focusing on positions. You should really look hard for a yoga class, even if you have to drive a while a few times per week (if you can). I'm not sure how rural it is where you live, but Yoga is surprisingly wide-spread these days. I'd bet you can buy sushi at the supermarket, so even rural areas these days can have resources. Try your local YMCA, that's where I do Yoga. Also, you might put your zip code in this search engine:


Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
After many years of going to yoga classes, I found that doing it at home was way better
for me, my pacing, my needs, etc.
I had a one-on-one session with a friend completing his course in therapeutic yoga.

If anyone would like a copy of the program he designed for me, let me know.
Lots of nervous system work, balance postures with support, minimal spine stress, etc.

Viva la yoga!
I love both yoga and pilates - think there's a fair bit of overlap between the two, with yoga more focussed on the meditative side and pilates more focussed on core stability. Happy to have found a pregnancy yoga DVD with good reviews
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