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Five guided meditations here from Dr Craig Hassed, a member of the OMS team and one of the presenters at the recent UK retreat. Some other useful downloads too - Craig's podcasts are at the end. Interesting that the University of Auckland Medical School in New Zealand recognises the value of mindfulness for good health and well being.
I am downloading the whole thing as I write this!
There are many, many meditations there!
Well, okay guys, but I still think that having a nice shot of Russian vodka a couple of times a week is more fun and works as well as meditation. Some loud karaoke singing is very uplifting too.

Vodka vs Meditation:
No headaches from meditation, dear Rebecca

Karaoke vs Meditation:
Neigbours don't complain and there's nobody to tell you that you sing out of tune


Nice comment, Gaspar, and I'm sure Rebecca will enjoy the laugh!


Hi all

I think guided meditation is wonderful, but something people need to be careful of. I have commented before on another topic related to meditation on this site that I trained as a therapist and we had a lot of guided meditation as part of our course. We attended a lot of therapy though during this time. It can bring up a lot of issues for people and at least at the start therapy can be very benificial
That's my two penance worth. Would be more than happy to comment more, but as I said before I do not want to bore people.

Hi Valley I am interested to know, can you share the link to your original post?

I sense I might know what you mean but would be good to read from you.


I am hopeless with technology. If you private message me with any questions you may have I will reply no problem, that is assuming you can reply to private messages.

Thanks for your great response. well done. :)
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