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Several weeks ago I paid for a TM course which I really enjoyed and have been doing ever since (although mostly managing only 1 x 20 min session per day rather than the two sessions recommended). Am only now starting to include the second session.

Although follow up sessions are forever "free" once you have paid the up-front TM course cost I have been unable to get to the TM centre for a checking session and was worried I wasn't quite doing it correctly (and therefore wasting the time that I was managing to do it). Whilst doing some research for a TM type forum I came across the NSR website.

Main website - http://www.natural-stress-relief.com
Forum - http://www.network54.com/Forum/254541/

After being really impressed with the answers given in the forum I decided to pay the US$25 cost to purchase the downloadable manual + audio file. I have now fully read this manual and it has perfectly answered all the little queries I had with my TM practice.

Long story short - this $25 course is exactly what I paid NZ$1600 for a TM course so I highly recommend it to anyone considering TM or wishing to begin meditation and not knowing where to start. Being the person I am I probably wouldn't have taken this advice thinking a $25 downloadable course surely isn't as good as $1600 personal instruction but having experienced them both I can confirm the material is the same. So if you are thinking of doing TM maybe try this in the reverse order that I did - ie. try NSR first and if after you have followed the course and still think it isn't enough you could attend TM.

TM is well worth it due to personal instruction/lifetime follow up but not everyone can outlay $1600 and meditation is so important for us OMSers so NSR is a very very close second best (not only is it a fraction of the price you can do it in your own home rather than travel to a TM centre for four days in a row for instruction.
Thanks so much for the post... I really wanted to try TM and this definitely is a great idea.

Hope you are keeping well

Nicola Corbett

Dublin, Ireland

'Nothing tastes as good as walking feels'

DX 2003, Swank 2004, OMS 2013, OMS Retreat March 2014
Fantastic. Thankyou!
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