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Hello Phil,
just seen this post.
Thank you. Beautiful.
Regards Clare
My irrational thoughts are: why me? Look at all the other unhealthy people eating rubbish out there...why don't they get MS? Why me?! What is going to happen? When will the next attack happen? Should I go on drugs just in case? OMS won't work. I'm not doing it properly. People will judge and discriminate blah blah blah!

Having MS is not easy. It's not fun having numb feet all the time. And not knowing what will happen sucks!

I am going well with OMS. Would love to go to the retreat but spent a bomb on medical bills to date so that's not going to happen! On the up side I have lost 5kgs so happy about that lol.

God bless u all xx

Are you in Australia? If so, check out the MS society Rewards programme ... I understand they could fund your retreat trip.

Thanks Ruth

I am in Australia. I did a quick google search but couldn't find any details.

If you able to send me a link that'd be great!

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