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Just wondered can anyone tell me how to get the audio file (meditation) to play ie:
what plug-in do I need?
how big is the file?
which browser is best to use?
I use windows media player and have flash installed but can't get the file to load for me

Hope to hear soon Thank you
cheers Jo
Hello Jo, I have tested the file under Explorer 8 and it worked fine, but for some reason it didn't want to play under Firefox 3.5.7. You don't need any special software or plugins, the file should open in the browser window. Can you come back to us with what browser and version you are using. I will then get on to our teckie people and try to find a solution for you.

Meantime did you see Rebecca's post on The Australian Meditation Society? There may be something on that site that would work for you?
Hi Lisa,
I also use Firefox and can't get it to play.
Cheers, Vicki
Hi aagin I'm using Firefox/3.5.7 but also have explorer 8 so will check it there. Thanks for letting me know :o)
I can't get the file to play either, and it won't download to real player. I am using explorer 8 and google chrome.


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Hello everyone, after much investigation the technical people think they have discovered why the file worked initially and now does not. They are working on a fix and Iwill let you know soonest the fix is in place.
We think we have now sorted out the issue with the player only randomly working. Could you all kindly have another go at loading and listening to the meditation file? Please come back to us if you experience any further difficulties.
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