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Hi. I was just reviewing all my meditation materials, and found something that was really, really helpful for me in rough times.
It's an audio by Belleruth Naparstek, with healing visualisation and affirmations.
I practiced it fo a long time, it gave me peace, hope and I believe it helped me in my healing process. I still carry with me the thoughts and affirmation that moved my heart the most at that time.
Love to all,

Thank you Gasper. This is right up my street. Have ordered on Amazon :-)
Please let us know how it goes!
I would love to listen to this meditation.
However, I cannot find it on Amazon.
Any suggestions?
Regards Clare
Hi Clare,
Does this link work? http://www.healthjourneys.com/product_detail.aspx?id=17
Please let me know
Nice, but be warned, she uses references to attacking with aggressive T cells. This is delivering the opposite message to George's recommendations to not think of ms as an enemy to be defeated or to use warring analogies because it's within your own body. Personality theories say ms people often attack themselves so we need less of that.. She has a great presence. I would like her to record a more positive message.
Thanks Gasper for the link. I am in the UK and wanted to
buy the CD from Amazon.
Thank you Omsarian for your thoughts.
Regards Clare
I do not remember it as being a "fighting against an enemy" message at all, but rather a soothing message for the immune cells, for whom the nervous system is to become peaceful territory.
I will listen to it again with this thoughts in mind, but I am almost certain that she does not encourage fighting anything in this particular recording.
This recording did wonders for me.
Rocky, got mine from amazon, used, from US. Can burn a copy when it comes through ( ooh but it's illegal!)
Have you tried obtaining a used copy?
Thanks talltree11 for your suggestions.
I'll go with the used from the US.
Regards Clare
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