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I have done a fair bit of meditation over the years, and a lot of yoga. I know that the general consensus is that you should be seated to avoid falling asleep, but I have been practising a lot of my meditations lying down in a yogic relaxation posture. Because I do my meditation in the evening (when the children go to bed) I feel that I need to lie down as I am pretty tired by then,and I then get a lovely meditation/relaxation and feel great afterwards.
Does anyone have any thoughts about this? Am I missing the point and does it have to be solely a seated meditation to get the full benefit?
Any thoughts welcome
Lynne x
Do what works! It sounds like lying down works for you...

I lie down when I'm tired or when I play the background music through my surround sound system. Its cool to feel the music all around me and through the floor! :-)

Thanks Claire. That sounds lovey withthe music all around you and through the floor! X
I lie down usually; it's so much more relaxing. I don't meditate when tired enough to fall asleep.


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Unfortunately Sue that's the only time available to me as I'm a full time mum to baby and a toddler. I would love to do it when I'm less tired but id have to do it with the children and I don't think it would have quite the same effect!! Pleased to hear that other people lie down too!! :D
Both, setting in a recliner is my favorite!
Meditation is all about relaxation. If you can't get relaxed by sitting, lie down. I sit on a nice chair with my back up straight - not leaning too much back, but also not giving it too much effort - simply nice soft straight position. It's the pose used on Headspace meditation and I find it really relaxing... I couldn't sit on the floor without sth to to lean on :|
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We did a lovely meditation at the Gawler retreat in 2012, where we lay on the floor in the meditation room and a harpist played music, it was lovely! So I think whatever helps, if you are lying down and that works for you, don't worry, just do that.
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