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dear all of you out there trying to overcome MS and help others do the same.
I am so grateful for having found this website and forum, only sad that most of you are at the opposite end of the planet to me as I live in Norway. All of the topics here are of great interest to me, as I am newly diagnosed and hungry for information, inspiration and hope... After reading these pages, prof. Jelinek's book and the books by Bernie Siegel, I am mostly feeling happy and motivated, but tough feelings and stresses sometimes get me down and make me fear another relapse.

I am practicing meditation every day, and it helps me a lot, even if I am still learning how to go deeper and find more stillness. I am really interested in learning more, and am especially intrigued by the possibilities in visualisation from a deep relaxed state, drawing on the powers of imagination as well as unconscious layers of intuition and inner guidance...

I would be very very happy to learn more from others who are experimenting with this... I am just starting, getting some hints from Bernie's books, and from Deb Shapiro's meditation/visualisation CD... Have ordered the SImontons' book "getting well again", which outlines their visualisation work with cancer patients, and Caroline Myss' books....

Does anyone out there want to share their experience and learnings with a semi-beginner in the high north?

warmth, hope, and light,

I generally don't comment in the Meditation area of this discussion board because, frankly, I do not like meditating at all. And the less I hear about meditation the happier I am. I know some think it is the greatest thing but I have found it helpful only for pain relief. Other than that I find meditation is irritating and likely to ruin my health. LOL To reduce my feelings of stress, I am inclined to read biographies of those I admire.
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