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I had demyelination in the year 2002. I took medicines for nearly three years. In spite of persisting burning sensation in my left hand I stopped the medicines except vitamin supplements as per doctor’s advice. After that I developed symptoms of IBS. Then I had hysterectomy shortly followed by spasm in the leg, spastic colon and acid reflux and ulcers in the throat. I was depressed very much because of the continuous deterioration of my health.

In 2007 I came across accidently ISHA YOGA. I am doing meditation since then continuously. Gradually my mentality changed. It helped me to come out of depression, gave peace of mind and clarity of thought. So far in my life I was either inactive or reactive in every situation. i.e. either I will be a passive spectator or cry or curse and accept my fate as though I am destined to suffer. Meditation prompted me to be pro active and to find ways to overcome my problems.

Around December 2008 when I was surfing the net I came across the TAKING CONTROL OF MS website. From the web I came to know about the book TAKING CONTROL OF MS by Prof. George Jelinek. I purchased the book immediately. It gave me hope and ways to overcome and to manage my health problems. He gave us easy to follow methods to manage MS like flaxseed oil/fish oil, sunlight, vitamin B complex supplements and cutting down saturated fats.

Doing meditation and following the diet prescribed by him, my health has improved. Except burning sensation in my hand other symptoms like IBS, spastic colon, spasm in the legs and burning sensation in different parts of the body has almost vanished. Even the tiredness which I used to get after doing small things also has become minimum.

I take this opportunity to thank ISHA YOGA & Prof. Dr. GEORGE JELINEK for giving me hope to face my life confidently.

thank you for this inspiring post.

it is very valuable for a newly diagnosed person like myself...

all the best from Oslo, Norway
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