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Morning all,

I've had a rough week with nasty burning sensory issues. Yesterday I just went to bed really early in hopes that rest would help diminish the symptoms. This morning I do feel better. My husband remarked that this round of sensory issues is following a stressful event. This stressful event was not a major stressful event but something smaller (involves my mother who has not been good support for me since diagnosis. Ouch.). I don't have new symptoms but my old ones come roaring to life.

Makes me realize how important meditation is and that I need to make that a priority. Like a lot of others, I'm vigilant on the food, good with the exercise, have my vitamin D at 76 ng/ml and not consistent with meditation. If I wait until I'm home from work and after exercise and dinner, I typically fall asleep during meditation!

I've been journaling what I eat, my exercise and other factors and I think I need to add stress somehow so I can see the correlation. I need to find something that works better than what I'm doing now. Anyone willing to share what they do as far as making meditation work for them?

Thanks for the help.
Hi Catgirl

So sorry you are feeling rough. Unfortunately the mother issue is a tough one and I can understand very well. Sometimes they need to come to terms with what is happening and can be harder for them emotionally, even more then for us.

Regarding meditation I try to take some break from work at lunch time, force myself to actually TAKE the lunch break rather then eat at my desk. I try to find a quiet place to sit but as it is usually very busy where I am, I just go out for a walk with open ears and eyes. Walk slowly and watch things around me in a positive way as well as my breath. Feel friendly towards every sound you hear and things you see. I found it works even in a crap weather.

I have found free lunch time 30 mins meditations at a centre near my work and went yesterday for the first time.
Try to research if there is anything similar near you. Or if you go to church (but even if you are not religious) just sit in nearest church and close your eyes and watch your breath. Use some downloadable meditation app, sure they won't mind you listening to it in a church :)
I sometimes meditate first thing when I get home while my lunch is cooking (yes, I burnt my sweet potato chips once!). I usually do sitting meditation in a position that is hard to fall asleep in.

Maybe you can try to do more of say 10 minutes sessions rather then one long one? One at work break time, one before dinner, one in bath etc?

I really hope you feel better and that everything will turn out good for you.

Take care

I would suggest making meditation a priority even though you may feel you are too tired, will fall asleep etc and therefore might feel it is pointless. It isn't! I often end up meditating quite late at night simply because I haven't had a chance to sit quietly before then (3 kids, busy life) but I always, always do sit for those 30 minutes, sometimes longer. And if I find it less than satisfying, perhaps I will make time to meditate earlier the next day. If you are a morning person (or would like to become one) perhaps start meditating first thing in the morning. I have done this sometimes too, though it gets a bit tough in winter…
We can't change the people around us, but we can change our reaction towards them - and that is where meditation is so helpful. Good luck and hope you are feeling better soon.

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Thank you for your responses. There is a church right across the street from my work. I'm sure no one will mind. Good idea.

My husband leaves for work earlier than I. I will get ready when he does and try a morning meditation after he is out the door.

I will play with 10 minutes meditations as well. Sometimes I get wound up at work. Good break.
Why stopping actually gets more done! Picture of George and his team taking a little meditation time out.

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Hi there, I too find it tricky to fit it all in - and don't always manage 30 mins as my time is when the kids are in bed and I am hungry!! So I have started having a substantial snack at 5ish and getting all the veg chopped before I do bedtime so that I can quickly make dinner when I come back downstairs. This encourages me to do the full 30 mins rather than a shorter version because I want dinner.

If I'm tired I lay down and do a guided deep relaxation which gives me so much energy the next day - the one I do is yoga nidra - a deep yogic relaxation. So calming and restorative. There are lord of types, you can download them on the internet. Lots to choose from.

Hope this helps. I agree that it needs to be a priority. The weeks that I meditate properly, regularly and for the 30 mins daily is when I feel the best
I will start by saying... meditation is our missing link. Work in progress...
However I did see this somewhere and it totally made sense. I guess it is an old Zen saying that goes to the extent of
"You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day, unless you're too busy. Then you should sit for an hour!"

I think of this often...
Revisiting this - happy to say the burning has gone unless I do something to bring it back. It has been gone for quite some time and yesterday came roaring back. I'm not sure if I ate something different (still OMS, always!) so that reinforces my need to journal. I didn't sleep well the night before, then I had some coffee (and I typically drink one cup of it with breakfast). I don't know and when it happens again, I will compare my notes about my eating and life events to see if I can determine any factor. The burning is very faint now and I'm thinking it will be gone tomorrow. Eating what I consider "safe" foods. My body freaks out on bananas if I eat one a day for several days in a row. I note that banana sensitivity seems to be fading as time passes on the OMS program.

On a meditation note - from the Facebook page, I followed the suggestion to try the app "Headspace." I like it so far. Many of my meditations have been random rather than following a course. This app leads you into meditation (teaching). The segments are 10 minutes long so I'm trying to get into the habit of doing this in the morning and then meditating again for 20 minutes in the evening. New habits are often a good thing.

I realised that stress was a major cause of relapses for me and have got into meditation over the last few months. Like others here I found it hard to make time to do it, being too knackered by the evening to do it without falling asleep, and the only thing that has worked for me is getting up earlier than I was before, so I had time before the rest of the world was awake.. Going from being someone who would roll out of bed five mins before I was due at work to someone who does yoga, meditation and (a bit of) exercise before work has actually made all the difference to my life, and now I feel calmer and more able to deal with things,as well as having less physical problems throughout the day.

I posted up a link to a free online mindfulness based stress reduction course a while ago, and since then have got into the teachings and meditation sessions of Tara Brach (tarabrach.com) - there are ones of all different lengths that I find really useful.

Hope some of that is helpful or interesting - a happy and healthy 2015 to us all,

Jenny xx
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