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Hi my name is Sue,

This is my first post so please bare with me!
My husband was diagnosed with MS on the 12th of May 2010, we have cut out all his meat and dairy and have cut down sat fats.
He has been to a meditation weekend end and is trying to meditate.
We have not yet seen a specialist and don't have an appointment until 3rd August. Not even sure if the specialist we are seeing at St.Vincents will agree with what we are doing and I am worried that he will tell my husband that it will not help him!!

I would like to take my husband to a specialist who agrees with this lifestyle change, also I would like him to see someone sooner.
If anyone knows of a specialist who agrees with these lifestyle changes and who we would possibly be able to see earlier it would be most appreciated.

Marty (my husband) is not coping very well at the moment and I think he will feel a bit better once he has seen someone.
Also we are not sure what medication to go on any suggestions?
Hey Sue

I am in a similar situation. My wife was officially diagnosed in May but we have pretty much known since the first referal and MRI in January. My wife is doing okay now, but it has been a very hard six months. If it ever helps and you want to speak to someone in the same situation, please feel free to message me.

Re consultants, I am not sure, I live in the UK so can't comment there but what I am finding is that there are nutritionists with experience in this area so that may be something worth investigating. As far as the medical community in the UK, as this is not official medical cannon they seem totally unwilling to be drawn on such matters.

We have had a pretty bad experience in that sense but our GP is proving more open and flexible and we are going to see a nutritionist.

Keep your chin up, it will get easier for you both!

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