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of a guided meditation, that is not a soporific drone?

I've searched thorough a good number of the guided mindfulness meditations, (both here and on Youtube), but keep crashing against the monotone sleep inducing drones, and I'm aware of niggling irritation and find it difficult to relax while being that irritated, and the awareness of the irritation, I get more rather than less stressed.

I've meditated on and off over the last 30 + years, and I'd really like to find a set of guided meditations, centered on mindfulness, but I think I'm searching for a more melodic but relaxed voice. Does anyone have any video's or audio files, that are alive, (but not frantic), melodic, (but not too musical), mindful, (but not too aware, (that's an attempt at humor, so don't roast me too badly please))?

I would like something that I could load on my phone or ipod, so that I can take it anywhere and everywhere with me!
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Did you try the breathing podcast one on this site?
I find Headspace is usually interesting enough - I don't fall asleep very often ;)
I use the Insight Timer app (https://insighttimer.com/) and there's absolutely loads of guided meditations. You can favourite the ones you like to return to them easily.
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