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What position do you meditate in? I have been sitting on my loveseat while I meditate, but am considering buying a cushion that is made for meditation. If anyone uses a cushion, can you tell me what kind you recommend?
I used to use a low stool, and would kneel down, then pop the stool over my feet and under my bottom, I tried cushions but I was never flexible enough, to be able to get stabilized and comfortable at the same time.

Now I tend to use a chair, that allows me to put my feet on the floor, support my arms, my back and my head.
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I like yoga bolsters like .

You kneel with it between your legs and sit down on it if that makes sense.
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I have been doing it in bed but then fall asleep.
Sometimes I meditate on a cushion, but sometimes I just lie on the sofa.
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