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I didn't get my email announcing Day Six yesterday, and nearly went into withdrawal. Methinks I am not cultivating quite the right attitude. Hmmm... ;)
I've also noticed the e-mails don't always go out on time - make sure to submit a comment on their website (they are very, very nice and helpful). You can also access the archives (day 5 and day 6 are now posted) at this link: http://www.chopracentermeditation.com/d ... challenge/

Good luck and what a great sign you are missing the guided meditation after only a few days...

Healthy regards...
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just have to say that day 6 really really worked for me, this approach to meditation gave me some quite powerful and healing access to grief, with the focus on celebration probably giving the strength to go the distance with the more painful feelings that surfaced... really inspiring path to explore further in my regular meditation practice!!

thanks again for making me aware of this meditation challenge...

I'm really enjoying the art of mantra meditation, which I picked up during the 3-week program. This week's mantra is, 'Every day in every way I am growing healthier and stronger'

Anyone else have a mantra for meditation or something you are repeating frequently throughout the day?

Peace and health...
Diagnosis: Jul 2009
OMS: Jan 2010
I have been a bit less satisfied with day 16 onwards. A lot of the meditations seem to be a lecture from Davidji and while I agree with some of the stuff he is talking about; I find the meditations a bit short and a bit irrelevant. I much prefer doing a solid half hour of breath counting or mantra; I go far deeper than just listening to Davidgi talk for ten minutes on a given subject.

Hi Gareth

I found that too, I have now gone onto Mindful Meditation which has really been working for me and is much more satisfying. I have been able to stick to it quite easily, and following the book that explains in much more detail what it is all about, has been really interesting.

This is the link to the cd I bought:


This is the book that goes with it:


I would recommend giving this a try if you can, I find it gives more meaning than the Davidji meditations.

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