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Hi anyone else doing the future learn meditation course starting at the beginning of February?
It's a great course lots of us have done it more than once
Yes I hope I will.
I'm enrolled and will try to get through it.
Matty - I think you will find that once you start, you may get a little bit addicted!

I did the course last year, and for the first time, the meditation part of the programme really made sense. I am going to do it again in Feb.

How do I find more about the course and how to sign up? Sorry, new here!
Be well, live long and prosper!
Hi everyone,

I just wondered if anyone else was enjoying the course as much as me. I can't believe we're in week 5 already and I know when it finishes I'm going to miss listening to Craig and Richard. I have lots to take away with me and more importantly, practice! It's been wonderful to learn more about it and all it's beautiful benefits.
I was fully intending to take part in the course, but it clashed with a writing challenge I was doing, so I haven't this time. But I remember how beneficial I found it the first time I did it! The whole meditation thing and its importance within OMS started to make complete sense. I am sure they will run this again, so I must try and participate in the next one.

Glad you are enjoying it!

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