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Does anyone have any links/website that talks about meditation and how it increases focus and productivity? I talked to a friend how it helps with chronic diseases but I feel that it also improves your focus but cannot find anything. I am sure that I read there is a link between meditation and being able to focus better. On that note has anyone felt that experience first hand?
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It's covered on the mindfullness course on future learn by Criag Hassard and another chap.
Thank you so much Veg. I remember it from somewhere but couldn't remember from where it was and I did participate in that course.
I know it's hard as a beginner to start meditation and it's so hard for your first 3 minutes. I advise before going to self-meditation you need to evaluate yourself, release all the negative things, calm yourself, look for a place where no one can distract you and most of all you need to build a strong mind. I know all of us agree that when you have a strong mind you have more focus on what you do and meditation is so hard to do when you lack focus so here might help us all to achieve focus in mind . I'm not an expert but still learning self-meditation. I read a lot of articles and books to enhance my mental focus.

Our minds shut down when we are led to areas we find painful. I find meditation a wonderful tool if it is combined (at least at the start) with therapy.
This is to deal with, or at least acknowledge things we find painful. This helps particularly if meditation is going to be a regular thing.

Sometimes we have issues that are there but we push away to the extent we are not even aware of them anymore. When we meditate our minds open up, and sometimes this can be painful.
What we as humans do as a survival technique is avoid going to this area.
If people get nothing else from therapy it is the chance to name and give voice to things we have swallowed down.
This can be painful but very freeing.

As I have said before meditation that is used to help us is nearly always combined with some sort of therapy.
I really hope this helps, or at least makes sense!

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