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Hi all, just wanted share an interesting occurrence in my meditation today. One of my guided meditations ask me to visualise a spirit guide and I have in the past chose myself, picturing me as my young, fit and healthy self.
Well today I chose my “healthy” self once again, during the meditation I am asked to sit down and listen to my guide tell me the things I need to know!
Well today I actually told my guide that I am far better off now then I ever was! I continued to make my past self listen to the things I he needs to hear and could have changed.
I will be no longer picturing myself as once healthier than I am now.

It feels great❤️
1st sign no diagnosis Oct 1999, DX 2007, SPMS 2011.
I like your tale. Thank you for sharing!
OMS Jul 2014, dx '97-'98, 1st symptoms '91
London, UK
Oh, that was wonderful keep going on.
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