I was really lucky that within the first week of symptoms I was told about Brahma Kumaris (by someone who could see I needed to calm my mind...a lot). Of all the novelties that have rushed in recently, this site and BK top the list of most heartily invited. I feel really lucky to have found both and so wanted to share this.

If you are in a major city, you might have a BK center nearby. You can read about it on the site--it is described as a "world spiritual university." Everything is free: meditation everyday, meditation courses, positive thinking courses, etc. On the website they also have sample meditation videos.

I am a beginner at meditation and have really eased into it nicely with their instruction. I wish I could get to the Center everyday (I always leave feeling really good) and am working now on the transition of meditating at home with the fundamentals I learned there.


meditation videos:
http://www.bkwsu.org/whatwedo/meditatio ... ionexp.htm